mk teknology1 has become one of the most preferred choice in Indian market for onsite performance of validation services. Validation services are also offered to global customers. Services include:

Compressed air validation according to ISO8573, USP, BP and EP

Compressed Nitrogen validation according to ISO8573, USP, BP and EP

Parameters covered are particle counts, microbial counts, oil mist, NO+NO2, SO2, Nitrogen purity, HC, water vapor, dew point etc.

Pure Steam validation according to HTM2010EN 2855 and ISO 111343

Parameters covered are non condensable gas value, steam superheat value and steam dryness value.

Validation and Monitoring equipment (Wired & Wireless) are major responsibilities comes under thermal validation. Well maintained and calibrated equipment ensures that it operates at peak performance and complies with regulatory requirements.

Our service department is dedicated to providing customers the highest quality services including calibration, AMCs and repair for all the products supplied by us.

We maintain service facilities and calibration lab to meet the latest industry standards. Services can be provided at our facilities or onsite at customer facility depending upon the nature of support needed.

Air Particle counters are calibrated in complinace with ISO21501-4.

Microbial Air Samplers are calibrated as per ISO14698.

Pharma Liquid Particle Counters are calibrated as required by USP and other Pharmacopeia standards.

Oil particle counters and multipass beta ratio instruments are calibrated as per ISO 11171, ISO 4402 or ANSI/NFPA using ISO MTD, ACFTD or NIST Latex standards.

All other instruments are calibrated in complaince with relevant standards.

We have excellent reputation in the industry for our experience of application & technical support on the products and services offered by us. Our experienced & knowledgeable sales & service team provides valuable assistance even in the most complex situation.

mk teknology1 and our associate labs offer:

Particle counting for injectables as per latest USP, BP, IP and other Pharmacopeia standards.

Oil and fuel particle counting as per ISO 4406:1999, SAE AS 4059D,ISO 4406:1987, NAS 1638,GJB 420A, GOST 17216 and other standards.

Particle Size analysis using of suspensions and emulsions using laser diffraction particle size analayser.

Air particle counting in clean room environment.

Particle measurement using aerosol spectrometer.

Filter media testing as per latest industry standards.

Other particle measurement facilities on request.

mk teknology1 has trained thousands of industry professionals on the application areas we cover through product training and technical seminars.  We are always eager and will be pleased to fulfill training need of your team on any of the product and services supplied by mk teknology1 Pvt. Ltd.

We offer expert seminars on clean room monitoring, particle counting in fluids, fliter and filter media testing etc.

Write to us in our CONTACT page for your specific services requirements.