Sentronic is in the optical measurement of chemical and biological values. We offer technological know-how and high-tech products combined with comprehensive services.

Spectroscopy offers customer-specific industrial solutions with modular performance packages in the area of NIR and UV/VIS spectroscopy. As a system integrator and service provider, Sentronic concentrates on PAT solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.


The SentroPAT BU II is a dedicated system for pharmaceutical powder blending. The system helps to understand process variability and critical quality parameters of the powder blending process. It allows to define process end point by product properties instead of “fixed time”. The system also enables real time release.

A complete solution, a customizable solution

Sentronic solutions for process analysis comprise the SentroPAT FO platform, the probe and the corresponding analyzer management software. The result is a powerful, proven package that can be tailored to your specific process-monitoring needs.

Compact powder blending system with NIR capabilities

  • Mounting flange and sapphire equal to larger scaled process equipment
  • Easy to control and configure by a touch panel
  • Configurable for blend time or number of revolutions
  • Speed up to 60rpm
  • Flexible fixation of sample bins or bottles for highest flexibility

The high shear wet granulation process

This typical pharmaceutical production process is a fast process, which is known for producing very dense granules resulting in a slow release of the API in the body. The process consists of three phases a) dry mixing, b) liquid addition and c) massing or granulation.
The granulation process is responsible for major tablet properties as well as the processibility of the powders. The process is performed to achieve a granulation that provides the optimum tablet hardness, dissolution/disintegration, friability, flowability when the granules are dry, compression quality, and content uniformity.