The online particle counter PAMAS S50P AVTUR is used as fixed installed measuring instrument for condition monitoring and contamination analysis of Aviation Turbine Fuel. More than just providing the triple code according to ISO 4406, PAMAS S50P AVTUR measures the particle number in eight different size channels and early alerts in case of failures caused by bigger particle sizes (e.g. corrosion). Using this online particle counter, the filling of contaminated Aviation Turbine Fuel into the tank can be prevented.


Contamination control and Condition Monitoring of Aviation Turbine Fuel

Sample input:
Pressure range: 0 to 6 bar
Sample flow rate: 25 ml/min

Volumetric particle sensor PAMAS HX

Maximum particle concentration: 24.000 particles per ml at a coincidence quote of 7.8% and a flow rate of 25 ml/min
Calibration range: 4 µm(c) to 70 µm(c) according to calibration standard ISO 11171
Measurement in eight size channels: > 4 µm(c), > 6 µm(c), > 10 µm(c), > 14 µm(c), > 21 µm(c), > 25 µm(c), > 38 µm(c) and > 70 µm(c)

Standardised measuring results:

Report of measuring results according to cleanliness class standards SAE AS 4059 and ISO 4406.
Particle counter measures ISO classes from 0 to 22

Interfaces for data transfer:

Standard equipment: RS485
Optional equipment: analogue 4-20 mA interface. Parallel data transmission for the size channels > 4, > 6, > 14 and > 70 µm(c) or serial data transmission for all eight size channels.


PAMAS POV (PAMAS Online Visualization): Software for online visualisation of measuring results and for long-term trend monitoring