CI-3100 OPT Series- Online Particle Counter with Built in pump
for Real Time Particle Monitoring in Critical Areas

BioPharmaceutical grade, a 2-channel (0.5 µm and 5.0 µm standard) particle counter with built-in vacuum pump. Users have the option of either 4-20 mA output, Ethernet Modbus, and other configurations. Comes standard with 1 CFM flow rate. Other particle sizes, flow rates, and custom configurations may be available.

Following are detailled discussion with various options available, in case, you do not want to select the model by yourself, please contact us, we will help you to select an appropriate model for your application.

Climet is a pioneer and innovator having been the first to develop and introduce a particle counter and built-in vacuum pump in 1988 – – today this configuration is an industry standard.  The CI-3100 OPT Series is fully compliant with ISO 21501-4; PIC/S; FDA CGMP; EU GMP, Annex 1; ISO 14644-1/2:2015; 21 CFR Part 11, and others.

General information

The CI-3100 OPT Series is a 2-channel particle counter used in continuous monitoring applications in a variety of industries – generally Grade A or B (ISO 5) clean zones.

The CI-3100 OPT has a choice of standard data interface options including RS-485 Modbus, 4-20 mA outputs, or Ethernet (TCP/IP); and contains an internal power supply and vacuum pump eliminating the need for an external air source.

Standard particle sizes are 0.5 µm and 5.0 µm, but custom sizes are also available.  Designed for fixed continuous monitoring deployment,  the CI-3100 OPT offers a standard flow rate of 1 CFM, and some models are offered in an alternatively lower 0.1 CFM flow rate (Call for details).

On/Off functionality is remotely controlled via software, and additionally, the CI-3100 OPT is VHP compatibility ensuring easy cleaning and sanitation.

An expert in manufacturing industrial instrumentation, every new instrument design is drop and vibration tested ensuring end-users can expect up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation. This level of ruggedized testing is unique among other manufacturers, and ensures accidents don’t turn into capital appropriation requests or expensive repair bills.

Accuracy and Stability of Measurement

A long-earned reputation in the industry for manufacturing the most accurate particle counters, studies confirm that Climet particle counters offer unparalleled repeatability (in metrological terms: stability or precision) of measurement.  Over 50 years of manufacturing experience and use of the highest quality materials provides users unparalleled performance.

High quality materials, an expert level of engineering acumen, and a mature DFM (Design For Manufacturability) virtually eliminate short-term and long-term calibration drift. This also enhances product life cycle, offering users a decade or more of reliable use.  This is but one factor that greatly enhances Climet’s reputation for providing the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). End users in regulated industries, and others of discerning taste for high precision instrumentation, exclusively sole source Climet as their preferred solution provider.

Interval Calibration Out-of-Tolerance Rates

Customers in regulated industries are generally required to re-calibrate their particle counter annually.  Depending on the process or risk assessment, the CI-3100 is typically calibrated at six month intervals, or even more frequently. When a particle counter is out-of-tolerance (OOT) during the interval calibration, a deviation report and investigation is required in regulated industries.  Among pharmaceutical and biotechnology producers a simple failure investigation (assuming no batch rejection) costs between $8,000 to $12,000 on average.  This cost is difficult to calculate as it’s almost all labor and  usually involves multiple departments.  It is a hidden Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) associated with the instrument, which few end users track. As the cost of one simple failure investigation well exceeds the initial purchase price of a particle counter, we can conclude that CoPQ is the #1 cost driver.

Internal studies and customer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) feedback confirms that on average when a Climet particle counter is equal to or less than 7 years old, the instrument passes its interval calibration 99.6% of the time. In a separate internal study of 2,000+ Climet particle counters, it was confirm an in-tolerance rate of 98.3%, with approximately 25% of the particle counters included in this study being 10 or more years old.  These statistics are absolutely unparalleled in the industry, and Climet uniquely provides value well beyond the simple use of the instrumentation.

Custom Engineered Solutions

If you have a specific technical requirement, please contact us.  We specialize in customizing our product to fit your needs.

Following are details of various options available, in case, you do not want to select the model by yourself, please contact us, we will help you to select an appropriate model for your application.


A = Data Communications Options
12 = 4-20 mA Signal output*
14 = RS-232 custom binary protocol
21 = Ethernet Modbus*
22 = RS-485 Modbus

B = Voltage Options
0 = External Power, 24 VDC
1 = 115 VAC North America
2 = 230 VAC Euro
3 = 230 VAC UK
8 = 230 VAC Euro, remote power option and flow rate output

C = Size Sensitivity Options
4 = 0.5 µm and 5.0 µm*
6 = 0.3 µm and 0.5 µm

D = Flow Rate Options
2 = 0.10 CFM
4 = 1.00 CFM*
6 = 1.00 CFM with External Exhaust*
7 = 0.10 CFM with External Exhaust

* = Most common