Measurement of the number concentration and particle size distribution of ultrafine aerosols ≥ 2 nm in the environment and in technical applications

U-SPMS System


Determination of the particle size distribution of ultrafine aerosols from 4 nm to 1.2 µm

UF-CPC system


Determination of number concentration of ultra fine aerosols from 4 to 10.000 nm by condensation to 106 particles/cm3 in single count mode

DEMC System


Particle classifier for ultrafine aerosols (4 nm to 1.2 µm) based on their electrical mobility

Charme® system


Determination of the electrical charge of ultrafine aerosols from 2 nm to 10 µm for the determination of the number concentration

U-RANGE system


Continuous measurement of particles in the size range of 8 nm to 40 μm

ENVI-CPC system


Monitoring of number concentration of ultrafine aerosols in ambient air or for stand-alone applications

PMP-CPC system


Measurement of number concentration of aerosols in exhaust gases