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mk teknology1 is the business partner for global leaders of scientific and industrial instruments in particle, aerosol and process analyitical technology. We are specialized in instruments for Particle Measurement, Cleanroom Monitoring, Filter Media Test, Process Analytical Technology, GMP IT Hardware, and services include Compressed Air/Nitrogen and Pure Steam Validation. Our key products are Air particle countersLiquid particle countersMicrobial air samplersIndoor air quality monitoring instruments, Clean room monitoring equipments, PAT instruments, Steam validation instruments,  Aerosol spectrometersNano particle tracking, Zeta potential and other particle measuring systems etc. Our focus area include pharmaceutical & biotechnology, semiconductor & electronics, defense, space & aeronautics, oil & power, other hi-tech manufacturing industries, environmental monitoring, scientific & industrial research etc. Read More

Our Brand – TEK1


TEK1-PSS pure steam sampler is used to collect the steam condensate from pure steam generator for analysis of bacterial endotoxins, TOC, conductivity, chemical testing, particle count test etc.


The TEK1 air operated Aerosol generators and photometers are used to produce poly disperse liquid aerosols which are reproducible in particle size distribution and aerosol mass concentration.


TEK1 Water Fog Generator is a cleanroom safe, portable device that uses supersonic waves to agitate purified water creating a visible mist. TEK1-WFG is as per ISO 14644 Annex. B7 Tracer Injection Method.

TEK1 PSQ Test Kit

TEK1 Pure Steam Quality Test Kit is equipped with all the components that are necessary to perform the required test and report the results in accordance with EN 2855, HTM 20102 and ISO 111343.

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Filter Media Test Benches/Rigs

Our Services

Validation Services

mk teknology1 has become one of the most preferred choice in Indian market for onsite performance of validation services. Validation services are also offered to global customers. Read More

Instrument Calibration

We maintain service facilities and calibration lab to meet the latest industry standards. Services can be provided at our facilities or onsite at customer facility depending upon the support needed. Read More

Testing Services

Our associate labs offer testing services for – Particle counting for injectables, Particle Size analysis using of suspensions and emulsions using laser diffraction particle size analayser etc. Read More

Our Customers

Our esteemed customers and users includes BARCISROBELDRDOL&TNTPCCIPLASUN PHARMACEUTICAL and many other pharmaceuticals.